about us

Semper's Philosophy

Semper’s philosophy is to bring greater mortgage market fairness to the entire value chain from Introducers to Borrower and to investors in mortgage-backed securities. To achieve this Semper’s approach is to provide all stakeholders access to clear and transparent data on an origination and mortgage investment platform that serves as the single source of truth for mortgage and mortgage investment performance data.

The Semper approach

The business of writing loans is serious and requires experience, acumen and strict financial diligence. There is also a unique test which qualifies all Semper borrowers. It is a test which Semper values above all else and which has stood the test of time. Before any loan is qualified, Semper applies a “Proof of Benefit” appraisal.

An evaluation which transcends the essential financial components and the so-called Six-C’s of Credit: Collateral, Capital, Capacity, Conditions, Commonsense and Character and takes into account the physical and often the emotional benefits to be derived from borrowing.

It is this special evaluation which has meant Semper has one of the highest rates of repeat business of any lender in its market sector. 

Good will. Good conscience. Good business. Always.