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  • Type and value of property security
  • Amount of existing loan
  • Exit strategy

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Top tips to fast-track an application

  1. Answer all questions honestly and as accurately as you can
  2. The more information you provide the better; experience tells us that we can often structure a better loan with the full facts before us
  3. Don’t underestimate the term required. It’s better to have more wiggle room rather than less.
  4. There may be several options regarding loan repayment (i.e. sale of an asset or business, improved value – list them all)
  5. Be realistic in valuing the proposed security assets; the more accurate you are the better and the faster the loan outcome
  6. Complete the application form in its entirety, and accurately
  7. Supply all supporting documentation with the application form
  8. Make sure the application form is signed by all parties prior to submission