The rise of the ‘gift lenders’

Top tips to navigate private lending in the wake of cheap money fused with low credit integrity.Nick Harper I was recently involved in a round-table with Andrew Way (Semper), Nick Samios (Hermes Capital), Andrew Moulds (Head of Asset Finance, Lend) and non-bank specialist and strategist, Alex Brgudac, where we had extensive discussions about the effect […]

Why brokers should move into commercial loans

Brokers are always on the lookout for chances to add to their proposition, and many are leaving cash on the table by ignoring the potential that lies within commercial lending. Australian Broker sat down with some of the biggest names in the SME lending space, both non-banks and fintechs, to ask them their thoughts on how […]

Broking sector unpacks macro policy impact on property

Low borrowing costs and assessment rates in the home loan market could pose risks to borrowers when asset prices return to fair pricing, according to a commercial broker. During a recent roundtable hosted by Semper, a panel considered whether Australia is in a “state of market buoyancy or misguided state of self-belief”, and discussed the […]

Navigating a ‘phoney economy’

When money has no value, there’s a prevalence of ‘gift lenders,’ and the property market ‘pretends’ to rise, says Semper director Andrew Way. There are several macro-economic factors at play that will have single or collective impacts on the financial services sector. Though we are in the middle of the Budget period, there are elephants […]

Semper announces record month of commercial transactions

Semper, a leading provider of short-term property financing, has announced a record month of transactions. $74 million worth of enquiry was generated in April 2021, with $17m settled, $27m under offer and the rest still in progress. The main drivers of growth have been the property boom, changes in ATO enforcements requiring short-term solutions and […]

The secrets of being a successful broker, according to experts

Mentoring is one of the best ways to get ahead in the broking industry, and one could not have asked for a more experienced panel than that which sat down at the Four Seasons in Sydney for  “The secrets to being a successful commercial broker”, an event hosted by Semper Capital. The speakers included Andrew […]

Private lending trend analysis: residual stock

The director of private commercial lender Semper, Andrew Way, reveals there has been a noticeable increase in applications for residual stock loans during the third quarter and why he sees this clear trend emerging. Residual Stock is (as the term suggests) the stock of apartments remaining unsold in a development, against which a developer seeks […]

Keep calm and carry on

Keep Calm and Carry On

A letter to brokers from a veteran financier.  The phrase “Keep calm and carry on” originated on a poster produced by the British government in 1939 with intention to raise morale when attack was imminent. Its sentiment seems particularly poignant at this juncture in time, when the nation has been dealt with a consistent stream […]

Non-bank completes $55m capital raise

Non-bank lender Semper has extended its capitalised interest period for commercial transactions over $2 million, after completing a $55-million capital raise. In September, the commercial lender announced that it had reduced its rate on interest-only first mortgages by 25 basis points and launched a new 12-month repayment deferral option for broker-lodged first mortgages. While the new rate was […]

In Focus: Guiding SME clients to clinch finance

Semper founder and director Andrew Way explains how brokers can assist SME clients obtain commercial loans, especially those who have been unable to access finance from banks. Speaking to The Adviser’s In Focus podcast, Mr Way observed that the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the demise of what he calls “zombie businesses” while bolstering those businesses with […]