The Semper Diversified Mortgage Investment Platform

Semper’s Diversified Mortgage Investment Platform delivers wholesale investors a higher secured-rate of return from asset-backed and mortgage-secured investments, where they are in control.

An entirely new investment model specifically tailored to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated wholesale investor, the Semper Diversified Mortgage Investment Platform allows wholesale Investors to choose a desired investment amount, rate of return, investment term and level of asset coverage with all investments indelibly linked to specific mortgages over specific property.

For further Investor confidence, all loans are ‘pre-funded’ by Semper’s Warehouse, which retains the highest LVR, ‘first-risk’ position for every loan. This means each loan has been written with Semper funds and to Semper’s exacting credit conditions before being offered to you for investment. It also means that wholesale Investors are paid out first, before Semper’s Warehouse.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Please view our video below.