Frequently asked questions

The Semper Diversified Mortgage Investment Platform has been designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated wholesale investor.

Investments are made in Secured Notes tied to specific mortgages and specific properties within a single Sub-Trust for each loan. This is not a pooled scheme. The arrangement ties the mortgage obligations to investment obligations within the Sub-Trust such that investors retain a right to interest income and principal, with asset backing over specific security property(ies). This can never be unconnected. For further oversight an independent Trustee is appointed to ensure the administering of rights to Secured Note holders.

The investment return quoted is a fixed-interest percentage rate, quoted as an annual rate, paid to investors monthly. The investment term is matched to the mortgage contract term, removing the liquidity mis-match normally associated with pooled mortgage scheme investments.

The Semper Diversified Mortgage Investment Platform provides direct personal control of the level of investment exposure, rate of return and duration of investment period.

This allows investors to personally select and establish a diversified portfolio that fits their personal investment risk appetite.

The Semper platform has been structured to provide wholesale investors with access to investments that pay a fixed yield and have the benefit of a security against real property. 

So Semper’s warehouse funds are first in, and last out with investors being paid first.

However if a client fails to make interest or principal payments, during the recovery process a higher rate of interest is applied in Default and you share in this higher rate until recovery is concluded.

There is always a chance that your funds may be at risk if the borrower defaults on their loan. However, Semper has robust lending criteria and always takes the first risk position of either 5% or 10% of an investment. In addition, Semper applies conservative LVR for all secured properties and only lends up to a maximum LVR of 70% for residential property and uses a lower LVR for commercial and industrial properties.

Semper’s Diversified Mortgage Investment model enables individual investors to choose investments in the future receivables of specific mortgages tied to specific properties in a way that can never be broken. And as every loan is written in a sub-trust, it is quarantined from the performance of every other loan. That is, investors are only exposed to the loan they have invested in. 

This enables investors to choose loans at levels of LVR, rate of return, term suitable to their investment appetite, and over properties types in locations of their choosing.

A simple registration process is required with a 24 hour clearance process. Once complete you’re able to invest in the Semper marketplace.

Follow this link to Register Now or watch this short video for more information.


Semper Asset Management Pty Ltd typically receives a management fee of 10% of the gross rate paid by the borrower and this is collected at source so the rates investors see are the net rates they will receive annually and paid to their bank account monthly. There are no other fees of charges.