Newstead, QLD

property type: Commercial

Total Property Value: $4,080,000

Loan Amount: $2,150,000

Priority: 1st mortgage

LVR: 52.70%

Note Interest Rate: 6.50%

Term (Months): 12

Term Remaining (Months): 9

Postcode: 4006

Use of Funds: Property related expense

Description: Acquisition of 11 Stratton Street, Newstead QLD

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Why do we like this loan?

The commercial premises are freestanding, located in a strong location offering a flexible space, suitable to multiple business operators, and with potential for further development.

Primary Property Value: $3,200,000

Property Details

A 1st mortgage over a two-storey freestanding commercial premises of 815 sqm in the waterside suburb of Newstead with the addition of a collateral 2nd mortgage over residential security over a 3 bed, 3 bath apartment in Fortitude Valley

Loan Details

12 month bridging loan with 9 months interest prepaid and 3 months serviced from income