Frequently asked questions

Your client needs to own real property. We can provide 1st or 2nd mortgages up to a maximum LVR of 80%.

Yes, as long as the security provided meets the equity coverage requirements.

Your client needs to prove their identity, confirm the use of funds, be satisfied of the value of the security assets and prove the exit or capacity to service.

Yes, provided the loan does not exceed the maximum LVR for the loan.

The minimum term for a bridging finance loan is 1 month.

This very much depends on the method or repayment particularly for a bridging loan. The maximum term for a non-bridging loan is 36 months with annual reviews.

Semper does not charge separate establishment or administration fees for a loan. These fees, along with any additional third-party fees incurred, will be applied in the rare case where a loan does not proceed after due diligence is concluded.

If the loan payment method is prepaid simple interest there is no financial benefit to repaying early. However, if the loan payment method is compound interest or interest paid monthly, your client will not suffer any financial penalty by repaying early.

Inaccuracy of information or failing to provide the necessary documentation is the most frequent cause of delay in settlement. 

Semper usually requires a valuation (except for our Caveat Lite loans) to accurately determine the value of the security asset.

Bridging finance is provided for a known period and repaid from a verifiable source of funds.

A loan application typically takes 3-12 working days for approval, depending on the accurate provision of necessary documentation and whether or not a valuation is required.

Brokers are paid a commission of 1-2% without mandate (higher with mandate), paid at drawdown.

Semper is renowned for providing best-in-market rates. The fees charged vary depending on the type of loan and the work required, and will always be set out concisely in the letter of offer.