Sydney, NSW

property type: residential

Total Property Value: $8,690,000

Loan Amount: $5,480,000

Priority: 1st mortgage

LVR: 45.67%

Note Interest Rate: 4.50%

Term (Months): 6

Term Remaining (Months): 4

Postcode: 2000

Use of Funds: Other

Description: To bridge the acquisition of Opera Residence.

Minimum Investment Amount: For more details click here to set up an account

Why do we like this loan?

This is a very strong asset but there is also an ancillary Guarantor asset in Vaucluse offering two prime Sydney properties which, when considered together, offer a truer LVR closer to 45%.

Primary Property Value: $6,000,000

Property Details

2 bed 2 bath property in Circular Quay Sydney, overlooking the Harbour Bridge

Loan Details

The Borrower is a considerable property investor and will refinance with a bank.